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Vision On The Future – How The Challenge Of Creating Supercomputers May Impact Future Data Centre Design, Build And Technologies Employed.

15:45 - 16:15


The EU has recently announced a budget of €1bn over the next 5 years to fund two @60MW ExaScale supercomputers. ExaScale is a supercomputer of 10^18 operations per second (a billion, billion), 100x as powerful as any in Europe today and it needs to be 10x as energy efficient. This energy efficiency is hard to come by due to laws of physics and it requires electronics to get closer together – for any data centre designer this causes a problem in cooling, powering and connecting the equipment – a problem that equates to 200kW in a 1 sqm rack. Peter Hopton, from the EuroEXA project shares the problem and the solutions that are being developed in the EuroEXA co-design project


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