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Workforce Development and Sector Capability Forum

13:25 - 16:00

Contribute to the exploration of how we, as the data centre sector, and you as individual organisations, can take steps to help keep the people pipeline cogs turning with a more strategic, focussed and time critical response agenda.  Whilst individual initiatives can assist, the demand for increased capability requirements with more strategic and broad ranging actions.  To inject a sense of urgency matched to the enormity of the problem, a multi-faceted, multi partisan approach must be coordinated and viewed as a strategic imperative by the sector generally and organisations at a grass roots level.

Have your say and identify where our best efforts should be placed for a more ‘joined up’ and immediate call to action to policy makers, educators and sector representatives.

Aims of the Forum:

To develop a strategic level understanding of current challenges to the data centre skills base and identify workforce capability needs for the foreseeable future.  Industry based actions regarding engagement with educators, industry associations and data centre organisations will be explored and identified for implementation by sector players.


To engage with the industry to discuss and advance current and new strategic responses to a worsening capability and skills mismatch, considering current and future challenges

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