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There are significant issues facing Data Centres with respect to carbon, emissions and new legislation.  There are 3 key regulations that have the potential to impact upon Data Centres business and could entail significant cost and potential prosecution:  The Industrial Emissions Directive,   DEFRA Generator Controls and the Medium Combustion Plant Directives.

For some of these such as the Generator Controls regulation, Data Centres may have to make significant capital investment with estimates of £50k to £100k per generator being suggested to comply with the regulations.

The aim of the presentation is to:

  • Provide an overview of the Industrial Emissions Directive, this will provide delegates with information on the steps required to obtain a permit and avoid prosecution.
  • Provide an overview of the DEFRA Generator Controls which will be enforced from January 2019, this will enable delegates to start to review if their generators will have to comply and begin to understand the business impact and cost implications.
  • Provide an overview of the Medium Combustion Plant Directives, this will enable delegates to review if they have combustion plant which will have to comply with the Directives and enable them to understand the phased approach to compliance for this regulation.
  • The purpose of ISO50001
  • Benefits of getting certified
  • Why PUE can make improvement look like deterioration
  • The “Energy Performance Coefficient”: a superior measure of performance
  • Operational advantages of using EnPCs rather than PUE
  • How to harmonize the two approaches