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Does unpredictable British weather make uninterruptible power essential?

When bad weather is in your neck of the woods, nothing and no one is immune. It can strike indiscriminately – impacting homes and offices, shops and factories, hospitals and schools in equal measure.

Torrential rain, violent thunderstorms, hurricane force winds, freak localised tornadoes and even excessive cold can cause untold damage to businesses and households alike.

Blame it on man-made intervention or natural long term shifts in our weather patterns, the fact is that Britain’s climate is subject to some pretty spectacular highs and lows. Not all in the same day or month necessarily, but guaranteed to strike randomly from time to time throughout any given year.

And when they do strike, adverse meteorological conditions can have a significant impact on power supply – either causing the mains electricity to shut down completely or resulting in sudden power surges.

For organisations that are heavily dependent on their IT systems – and in today’s world that covers a multitude of enterprises – it pays to be prepared, to put preventative measures in place to mitigate against storm and tempest. This is a major reason why uninterruptible power supply systems have entered the fray in ever increasing numbers...READ More