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Run by Dr Terri Simpkin, Higher and Further Education Principles at CNet Training, in association with TechUK and Data Centre Trade Association

Where: Manchester, UK | 1-2 May, 2018

Date: 13.15 – 16.00, 1st May 2018

Offering visitors the opportunity to contribute to the exploration of how we, as the data centre sector, and you as individual organisations, can take steps to help keep the people pipeline cogs turning with a more strategic, focused and time critical response agenda. Whilst individual initiatives can assist, the demand for increased capability requirements with more strategic and broad ranging actions. To inject a sense of urgency matched to the enormity of the problem, a multi-faceted, multi partisan approach must be coordinated and viewed as a strategic imperative by the sector generally and organisations at a grass roots level.

Have your say and identify where our best efforts should be placed for a more ‘joined up’ and immediate call to action to policy makers, educators and sector representatives.

Workforce Development and Sector Capability Forum Agenda:

13.30 – 14.30 The Challenges of the SKills, Labour and Talent Landscape

Presented by Dr Terri Simpkin, Higher & Further Education Principal – CNet Training

Dr Terri Simpkin presents a multi-faceted view of the skills and labour landscape to create a helicopter view of the prevailing social and industrial challenges that are keeping talent scarce.

14.30 – 15.15 Interactive Workshop – run by Dr Terri Simpkin and Steve Hone, Data Centre Trade Association

Discussing current industry topics relating to workforces, career paths, barriers to non-traditional learning

15.15-16.00 What Needs to Happen Now?

Interactive session – Chaired by Emma Fryer, techUK

16:00 – Close

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Munters Group, the global leader of energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions, accepted the award from Broadgroup “Best Data Centre Energy Solution” with the Oasis® IEC indirect evaporative cooling system.  This low energy cooling solution is scalable for future growth and able to cope with Tropical Climates, local air pollution, multi-story data halls and meets shipping requirements.   With savings up to 75% energy costs compared to water cooled chillers with CRAH’s this is a truly energy efficient solution also leading to massive savings in infrastructure and space.…..Read More

SyCool ITC offers data centre owners and operators an energy efficient indirect cooling solution without the need for water.

On 21st March, Munters group announced the launch of an exciting new cooling technology into the Data Centre industry. SyCool® ITC, Indirect Thermosyphon Cooling, provides an efficient cooling solution for new and existing data centres where access to a suitable water supply may be limited, expensive or unreliable.

Designed specifically for data centres and driven by industry demand, SyCool ITC (patent pending) uses the waste heat from the data centre and a combination of gravity and a syphon effect, to drive a refrigeration cycle capable of operating without pumps or compressors, providing remarkable levels of energy efficiency. Initially launched as a packaged Air Handling Unit (AHU) system, subsequent versions of SyCool will include “Split Systems”, such as above-aisle modules and perimeter CRAH units, providing scalable cooling for new build and retrofit applications. SyCool ITC eliminates the potential risk of contamination from air pollutants, as there is no outside air gaining access to the data hall.…Read More

The latest addition to the Modulon DPH series of modular UPS systems has achieved the world’s highest per-rack power density while offering a range of benefits for mission critical applications such as large datacenters. 

Delta Electronics, Inc., a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced the global launch of its 500kVA Modulon DPH series uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Delta’s new state-of-the-art online double conversion UPS boasts the world’s highest power density of 55.6kVA per 3U module. Thanks to its modular design, the UPS enables advanced control of power module redundancy as well as the ability to add capacity and pay-as-you-grow scalability. The Modulon DPH 500kVA UPS is the latest in its series, which includes 75, 150, and 200 kVA models as well.….Read More 

IT is intrinsic to business and technology is constantly evolving putting pressure on IT departments to continuously
react and adapt to keep systems running smoothly. King of Servers offers a range of professional IT services to help you
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If you need a helping hand planning, installing, maintaining or troubleshooting your IT systems, King of Servers has the
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We have established an excellent reputation for specifying, configuring and supplying servers, storage and networking
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The IT marketplace is saturated with mediocrity. At one end of the spectrum, the web is awash with price and feed driven web
retailers locked in a race to the bottom to box shift someone else’s stock. At the other sit monolithic, outdated distributors
who have the inventory but struggle to offer the flexibility, service levels and response times that are essential in today’s
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9 February 2018:  CENTIEL Ltd, the UK subsidiary of leading Swiss-based UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has appointed David Bond as its new Chairman.  Bond who has worked in the UPS industry for more than 30 years and is co-author of the UPS Handbook, will also join the board of CENTIEL SA.

Prior to joining CENTIEL, David Bond was managing director of Benning UK Ltd and has previously been managing director for Emerson Network Power, managing director for Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPSL) and was also chief executive of Newave Energy.

David Bond, Chairman CENTIEL Ltd confirms: “CENTIEL acquired MPower UPS at the end of last year to help achieve its ambition of having strong subsidiaries in key global markets. My role is now to guide the expansion of this experienced team and to help develop the already thriving business model in a structured way to continue to deliver service excellence whilst gaining UK market share.  ……Read More 

6 March 2018:  Swiss based UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has introduced its new PremiumTowerTM stand-alone UPS in the UK through its UK subsidiary, Centiel Ltd.   The PremiumTowerTM is another high quality solution from the same R&D team that brought us CumulusPowerTM, CENTIEL’s  world-class leading three-phase modular UPS system.  PremiumTowerTM is a stand-alone version ideally suited to applications where minimising total cost of ownership is a significant factor.

“CumulusPowerTM  is a scalable and flexible modular three-phase UPS system that combines class leading availability and efficiency that makes it perfect for use in small, medium and large datacenters,” explains Michael Brooks, managing director, CENTIEL Ltd.  “However, not every application requires a modular UPS and for these applications the PremiumTowerTM is perfect.  It has the same Swiss build quality and innovative technology seen in CumulusPowerTM but comes in a lower cost, stand alone cabinet.….Read More

Your Grid Connection News: 

  • DNO application fees coming into effect
  • The future of electric vehicles
  • WPD update on transition to DSO
  • ENA queue management queries
  • ESO’s first 2018-19 Forward Plan
  • Balancing services roadmap.

….Read More

Organisations are facing unprecedented challenges to ensure security measures are in place to protect themselves from
security breaches. Unfortunately, many businesses simply do not invest in appropriate measures to insulate themselves
from disastrous breaches of security.

Cyber-attacks are now listed as the third most likely global risk behind extreme weather conditions and natural disasters.
Organisations face more challenges than ever. Cyber-attacks and complex compliance issues, such as GDPR, create wideranging
problems for businesses across the UK.

The King of Servers security offering is focused on safeguarding an organisation’s most valuable asset – their data, whether it
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We offer organisations peace of mind that they have maximum protection whilst still allowing business agility and growth.…Read More