• DataCentres North 2018 will be held on the 1 & 2 May
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Mark Kempson, Technical Consultant at Uptime institute, will talk on how to recognise your facilities pathway to Operational Excellence, how to identify and rectify any issues along the way and once achieved how to maintain these standards.

“We have experienced half a century of exponential growth in computing performance but in the last year there has been talk of Moore’s Law coming to an end. So what is next for data centres? Can they meet the demand with the same end use energy demand? In this talk we will explore the issues that will affect data centres from current innovation and the physics of the future.”

Areas of Discussion to include:

  • Developments in technology and future visions of the data centre
  • The potential impact of IOT and new technologies on the data centre
  • Core vs. Edge Data Centres
  • Improving the sustainability of data centres