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Terrorist Threat In UK Capital Leads Telco To Move Away From London Data Centre

Company is one of the first to openly admit it is leaving London partially due to terrorism.

Telecommunications company 52 Degrees has exited the British capital and settled bases in a data centre 190 Km away in Norwich due to growing terrorism-related concerns.

The company, which had its IT previously based in the Docklands financial hub, moved to MigSolv’s Gatehouse data centre and one of the reasons for such was the “terrorism risks facing London and other big UK cities”.

52 Degrees provides hosting, broadband, fixed line and mobile services to companies UK-wide.

The decision to move the IT from London was taken following an internal technology review to ensure its ability to deliver its services in a time when reliability and efficiency are key to business success.

As a result, 52 Degrees decided to change its colocation provider to MigSolv’s Gatehouse data centre in Norwich….Read More